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The Deconstruction of Ben Shapiro

Why am I deconstructing Ben Shapiro? Because in the Ontario Civil Liberties Facebook Group I upset some people by saying mean things about him. That’s nothing unusual. I upset people all the time. But when I do, I always explain why.
So here we go!
Ben Shapiro is delusional
That makes him dangerous. Why do I say he is delusional? Simple. He believes in morals.
But morality is good you say. Sorry, you’re wrong. Morality is what killed Matthew Sheppard. Morality is what is why my trans friends are terrified of going into the United States right now. Morality is why Kim Davis refused to issue marriage licenses to Same-Sex couples. Morality is why Masterpiece Cake shop refused to make a wedding cake for a gay couple.
Morality is a deadly dangerous concept. It says that I believe that my non-existent invisible friend has told me how to act. It has no real world relevance.
Harm is the real issue. When you act are you harming anyone? Take that puerile old argument that ‘my right to swing my fist en…

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